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Year of Care

What it is and what is expected?
Your review is now called a ‘Year of Care review’.

You will have an initial appointment with the Health Care Assistant who will carry out the tests and checks that are important for your conditions.

At the end of this appointment, if required, you will be given a second appointment with the Practice Nurse. This appointment will give you the chance to talk about your concerns and what’s important to you. It will also help you plan what to do to manage your health over the coming year.  Your test results and other information will be available before the second appointment, it may be helpful to look at these and write down any questions you have. The practice will contact you urgently if we are worried about any of the tests or results.

What appointments will you need and how long will it take?

·         Most patients with a long term condition will need two appointments. The first appointment, Year of Care Part 1, will be with the HCA. The second appointment, Year of Care Part 2, will be with the Practice Nurse or the GP (depending on your conditions).

·         Year of Care Part 1 will take 20-30 minutes

·         Year of Care Part 2 will take an average of 30 minutes

·         If you only have Asthma and no other long term conditions, you will only need one appointment with the Practice Nurse.

Do you need to see a GP?
Depending on your conditions, you may need to see a GP.However, the Practice Nurses are trained in long term conditions and will be the best clinician for you to see for your Year of Care review.

How does your medication get reviewed?
Your medication review will be completed in line with your Year of Care review.

To do this:

1.      We may ask you to complete a medication form. This will enable us to review your medication and consider any changes needed.

2.      The Practice Nurse may ask specific questions relating to your medication. They will then discuss any concerns with a Pharmacist who will be able to update your medication and complete the review.

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