We offer a wide range of specialist clinics at the surgery including:

Ante-natal clinics

Midwifery run clinics are held on a Thursday afternoon.

Baby Immunisation

We offer childhood immunisations every Wednesday afternoon. Contact reception for more details.

Cervical smears

Our practice nurses and doctors undertake cervical smears.

Continence advice

Our district nurses provide continence advice and support for men and women.

Family planning and contraception

Advice is available with the practice nurses or doctors.

Contraceptive devices (copper coil or Mirena coil) or Nexplanon implants can be fitted at the surgery.   

If you know you would like to have a coil or Nexplanon fitted or removed, please leave a message and contact phone number with one of our receptionists and you will be contacted to arrange an appropriate appointment.

Health management – Year of Care

Clinics are held for patients who suffer from a long term condition such as heart problems, asthma, diabetes etc.  Please see below for further information regarding Year of Care.

Nurse practitioner 

We have highly skilled practitioners who can assess and treat many conditions normally seen by a GP. The can also prescribe medications and can refer you to further care where appropriate.

Smoking cessation

Advice and support is offered by the community pharmacy for patients who wish to give up smoking.

Other services

The surgery provides a number of other services such as signing certificates and forms – please ask at Reception or via Anima.



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